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What do these mean?
by: Jamie B


There are only these 2 marks on the ring. The #18 and the 3 point crown. I can try and get another angle if you would like.

I am sure that the ring dates back to at least the mid-late 1800's. I am confident with that date because, when my Great Great Grandmother married my Great Great Grand Father he had grown children from the 1st marriage and my Great Grand Father was born in 1906. As for the country of origin, I have no clue.

Thanks for your help. I am very excited to figure out the mystery of the ring.

Jamie B

More Info Requested
by: Anonymous

Although a number of marks on a piece of jewelry might look more complex, it actually makes it much easier to determine.

You will need to upload two more photos of the mark and the surrounding area, taken from different angles.

Do you know old is the ring? What country?

Please type "What do these mean?" in the "Name Your Question box" so that we can assign the new info with your original question here.

Regards Pete
Antique Jewelry Investor Support Team
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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