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Hallmarking in Ireland
by: Anonymous

Good Morning

the queston to ask is the age of the ring. Is this ring antique gold jewellery? The hallmarking system of Ireland from 1923 to 2002 consists of a standard mark, an assay office mark, a date letter, and a makers or sponsor's mark. From 2002 to date, the hallmarking system in Ireland requires all assayed precious metal articles to be hallmarked with a fineness mark, an assay office ot town mark, and the sponsor's or maker's mark. The annual date letter mark that had been used since 1638 were made optional and only applied at the request of the sponsor.

The former gold standard marks of the crowned harp, used for 22 carat gold and sterling silver, the plume of three feathers used for 20 karat gold, and the unicorn head for 18 carat gold, were replaced in 2002 with a three-digit numeral standard in a metal-specific shaped frame.

While some countries implement a minimum weight distinction (i.e, 1 gram of gold) before exempting an article from being hallmarked, Ireland does not. In Ireland there are no such weight exemptions and it is complusory that all precious metal articles must be assayed and hallmarked.

Warm Regards

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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