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Vintage "Style" or True Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring
by: Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

Hi Staci

vinatage or modern, your engagement ring looks beautiful! The style of the setting and the cut of the diamonds will give you a could indication of the age of the ring and whether or not it is true vintage or vintage "style"

A good Jeweler at play can create a replica that's almost identical to the antique and vintage style and a novice can easily be deceived. We like to think that most jewellers are honourable and will provide full disclosure but then you have the retailer to consider also.

This is why finding a dealer with a good reputation is highly recommended.

Before the 1900s and the discovery of a large diamond field in the Kimberley in the northern cape of South Africa, diamonds were a very rare find, natural pearls were more plentiful. White diamonds were reserved for nobility and the very wealthy and even they had a hard time getting hold of them.

Orlando Jackson initials OJ was a registered English jeweller working in London in the late 19th century.

Just the channel set diamonds alone, on the shoulders of your diamond engagement wedding band will eliminate this maker immediately.

Examine the ring carefully - does it look old, is there evidence of age a bloom to the gold, a soft patina - are the stone scratched, grazed and have any of the facets rounded over time - do you see much evidence of wear? Are the maker's initials and the hallmark still fresh and crisp like you would expect to see in a new ring (whatever the style) in comparison to the hallmarks on a vintage or antique ring?

OJ could also be an unregistered maker - its not unusual. Not all maker's are registered.

Best Wishes
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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