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Rose gold.
by: Laura

Yvonne. Thanks for your comment. I did consider the rose gold answer. However the ring color is silver-ish. It looks like white gold. Is there rose gold that is white/silver in color and not gold or copper in color?

18 KR could be 18 K Rose Gold
by: Yvonne

Good Evening Laura
Thanks for writing in about your antique diamond ring. Could the metal be rose gold perhaps? Rose gold is not always that in your face - red gold. Rose Gold is an alloy that consists of pure gold and copper. Eighteen karat rose gold consists of 18 parts (75%) pure gold, while the rest is mostly copper.

Throughout the History of Jewelry, rose gold was used decoratively and was popular in 19th century Russia, and was known at the time as "Russian Gold".

Laura the date 1920s is of interest here...

rose gold became popular in the United States during the 1920s when Cartier introduced the "Trinity" - a ring made of three interlocking yellow, rose and white gold bands.

18 KR might stand for 18K Rose gold.

Warm Wishes

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