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my ring has 4 squares
by: anna parker

my jewler told me the four squares in my ring stands for pure 24 karat gold-i think yours could stand for the weight count of your ring- please take it to your own jewler-or one you can trust, hope i have helped you-anna

No Mark in the Box
by: Anonymous

Hi Tina, thanks for writing in. If it's an antique gold ring the marks could have worn away over time. Have you looked carefully inside the box mark with a magnifying glass of at least 10x magnification or a jewelers loupe for any tell-tale traces of a mark?

Not all solid gold rings are marked with a standard mark. The metal marks act was only passed in 1906 in the United States, so before that date jewelry manufacturers were not legally required to use a gold standard or sponsor's mark for that matter and as a result there are a lot of misleading marks on jewelry around today.

If you get one of those acid testing kits, that come in a little wooden box, you can test the metal yourself, or alternatively, your local jeweler can acid test.

best regards
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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