What is the hallmark on my French watch saying?

by Caroline

What is the item?

An Emerich Meerson quartz (i believe) gold-colored vertical curved watch, with one movement and (battery?) on top telling the hour/minutes and a second movement/(battery?) telling seconds and subseconds(?) or perhaps the lower one is telling time in hours, minutes and seconds, but my lower one does not work now. Could be that it needs a new battery. Anyway, the bottom one has 3 hands including what appears to be a second hand, whereas the upper one has two hands that definitely tell hour/minute time. the top part has 1-12 numbers and the bottom has 5-60 marks.

The two are not divided by separate crystals or a line/barrier dividing the two. Inside there are 2 swiss movements that appear to operate by battery, although the watch is not marked quartz anywhere.

The obvious difference between the two movements is that one is mostly blue and the other mostly green. There are two crowns, one to set each watch/watch element.

Can you please provide all background information?

Appears to be higher quality than gold-filled, jewel movements that I have seen on Emerich Meerson watches, and the back is some form of gold-maybe only gold-plated but all others have seen have marked base metal or marked/unmarked sterling backs. This is the only one I have seen with a gold colored back, and it is the only rectangular one I have seen (although I am sure there are many more.)If this is a jewel watch, the number of jewels is not stated anywhere. Movements are marked Swiss.

DETAIL ON HALLMARKS (what and where) - A wide rectangle on both the back and the side with crowns that says GA in capital letters inside the block, and there is a crown over the GA, which is much like the crowns you have displayed. The "hallmark box" has a double line that forms the circumference. Other than Made in France, there are no other marks. No numbers etc.

What does GA and the crown mean?

I am guessing that the crown indicates its assay office, but what about GA and the double -lined wide rectangle? Does no numbers mean assayed but no gold content, including gold-filled or what?

Thank you for all your help.

Caroline Herzfeld

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