What PEARLS do I have?

by Andy Knoll
(Warrensburg NY 12885)

Hi Folks.

Please let me first preface I am not sure of what I have here, I have hit the net and read and looked and listened as well as brought to some local jewelers, and simply my head hurts now.
SO anything I use to describe is not binding since I know -0 of what I say on this matter..
What I know..
These were purchased by my mother in 1957 in Hong Kong, and in settling her estate I offer them for sale.
The Necklace is 14" in length and each pearl is around .25 " or 6.3mm in size
They are neat looking and have a neat almost changing color as the light changes.
They are marked 14k on back of clasp, with some other type of cartouche or mark I can not make out (check last pic)
What I think...
They are Champagne in color
They are baroque \semi baroque in shape.
They are South Sea pearls..or maybe Akoya Pearl ?
Again, please I know not what I have, so if you can shed some light off of pictures, and you would be so nice nice to extend a note, please shoot me a line!
EBAY # 140872726559

Thank you !

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