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Vintage and Antique Pearls
by: Anonymous

Hi Mike

it is very difficult to comment on these pearls as I can't see them clearly, however they don't appear to be antique pearls. They all look roughly the same size, so if they are antique pearls they might be faux pearls, freshwater pearls and not rare natural pearls.

Were they handed down to you? What makes you think they are antique pearls? The findings on the pearl earrings are for pierced ears. Ear piercing is relatively modern. You might like to examine the clasp with a jewelers loupe. If you don't know how to use a jeweler's loupe find out Here.

If they are mikimoto pearls they could be vintage pearls and will have the M signature within a clam shell. The clasp will most probably be made of gold if they are mikimoto pearls.

Then again they could be majorica pearls. You can find info on majorica pearls here.

best wishes, Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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