White Gold Ring GL?

by Jennifer D. Gross
(Bunker Hill WV USA)

I got my grandmothers cardboard jewlery box years ago when she died. As children we played with all the costume jewlery and I have allowed my grandchildren to as well. One of the Rings was silver in color and clusters of flower shaped rinstones. My grandson somehow got a red dye all over it. I took a wire brush.. Yep I did. To clean off this red stuff. While I was doing that I noticed a small stamp in it.

I went to my jeweler to check on a necklace I had in there and asked what this stamp was. She took it in the back and came out and said bring your grandmothers jewlery box here so we can check the rest of the jewlery. She said this is white gold. I said so rinestones and white gold? She said no its real diamonds as well. Of course they kept it to clean and buff it for me due to the scratches and red stuff.

She said the ring has been sized so I don't know if part of the information is missing

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