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ia necklace pendant -holding a bird
by: Anonymous

i have an ia marked pendant. Black with gold figure with halo holding a bird. who made it and when?

Photo if Possible Will Help
by: Anonymous

can you please let me know if the letter i upper (I) or lower (i) case?
also the letter a - it is upper (A) or lower case (a) case?

Carly is there anything between the letters? Like a decimal mark?

Is it possible for you to upload a photo of the brooch and the mark in a follow-up submission?

This would give me some clue about the age and style
and then the direction to research.

Based on the little information we have - for all we know it could be Russian - Ivan Alekseev!

More Information please Carly.

Thank you for writing in!

Best Regards


Brooch marked ia
by: Carly teapot

Hello I also have an item marked with the square ia mark. Though this is a brooch. Flat square with gold looking back and a pretty iridescent glass covered front? What is this mystery mark? Help please?

I also have about 5 pieces.. I think this is what your referring to:
by: jeri


Damascening step 1 Scoring the steel and tracing parallel lines.

Damascening step 2Inlaying the gold thread by hand.

Damascening step 3 Fixing the gold and closing up the steel lines.

Damascening step 4 Blueing the piece into fire changes the steel color into intense black.

Damascening step 5 Chisseling relief in the gold af.

Damascening step 6 Burnishing the gold thread with a burn.

Uncommon hand made jewelry from Latin & middle eastern countries.

birds of a feather bracelet with ia stamp?
by: jerian

Frances....I have the same exact bracelet found it in an old attic....did u find any more about the birds of a feather bracelet. ..reply here if you do..

birds of a feather bracelet. aia stamp!
by: Anonymous

I think I have the same or similar bracelet. Except mine has links alternative with flower's and stars. Ia stamp and no other markings. Safety chain. 7 links in total.

Similar bracelet - unknown stamp 'ai'
by: Jane

Hello, I also have a bracelet which looks gold but the only stamp I can see is "ai" on the clasp which as you stated looks square. The bracelet itself has links which are oblong/oval with black inlay which is then decorated with gold alternating flowers then bird with flower. It also has a safety chain. It's very pretty and unusual looking. Did you find out what the 'ai' means ? Appreciate any information.

Plumes, Feathers, Wallis Simpson and More Photos
by: Anonymous

Hi Francis

could you please send in a photo of the mark in a follow-up submission. Please type "Birds of a Feather | Gold Bracelet" in subject title.

The title of your post caught my eye. Feathers was the theme for Chanel, as a prelude for things to come at the Biennale des Antiquaires Grand Palais Paris 15 - 22 September 2010 .

Chanel designers surfaced with an articulate brooch that Diane Kruger wore in her hair at Cannes and the Exact replica of the Chanel plume brooch, created by Mll. Coco Chanel in 1932!

It reminded me of the PLUME diamond brooch designed in 1935, by Edward, the Prince of Wales for his future bride, Wallis Simpson, a plume-shaped diamond brooch, that was later sold to Elizabeth Taylor.

( Wallis & Edward) plume diamond brooch is ia feather plume that Wallis Simpson Wore. You can see it Here.

Best Wishes,

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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