Dating a very plain muff chain

by Laurel
(San Pedro, CA)

I recently learned (finally) that the long mysterious sterling chain I own is a muff chain, which is fascinating and fun.

It occurred to me that another curious looking chain I own may be a muff chain, also. It is 58 inches long, as well.

I read online (wikipedia) that muff chains were also used by men up to a certain time (don't know exactly when). It is very utilitarian looking and looks like it could have been used by a male.

If I could figure out by the kind of chain it is when it may have been made, it may help to date it...

So, I guess my question is: do you know when this type of chain began to be made?

This whole theory may be a total stretch, but the catch caught my attention when I found it, and the use of it as a muff chain makes sense with the length.

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