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UV Test Your Diamond at the Night Club
by: Anonymous

Good Morning Gloria

by black light I'm guessing you mean UV ultraviolet light. In this respect the diamond under ultraviolet (UV) light is fluorescing. Many diamonds will give off a blue fluorescence under an ultra violet or black light, so the presence of a medium to strong blue indicates that this diamond is a natural diamond. Are the other two diamonds genuine?

Im thinking that the "white" you see is the fluorescence you are noticing; it appears to glow a bluish white. The absence of blue, however, does not mean the other two diamonds in your three stone diamond ring are necessarily fakes as some diamonds do not fluoresce under UV light.

Very slight green, yellow, or grey fluorescence under ultraviolet light may indicate that the stone is moissanite.

Though a UV test is a gemological test that you discovered can be performed at a nightclub under UV light, (better fun than testing in a lab) it's not a definitive test to determine whether or not the diamond is real. Some diamonds fluoresce under UV light and some diamonds don't. It's also possible for fake diamonds to be "doped" meaning "treated" so that they glow under UV light when they otherwise would not.

Have you tried the fog test yet?

Best Regards
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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