Double Photo Locket

by jeanette
(harrisonville mo usa)

I have a double photo locket octagon in shape. It measures about 1 1/4 by 1 1/2 inches. the top is a fixed bale triangle in shape. the clasp is hook like with a ball on the end. on the front it is finely pen stripped.

There is an octagon engraved on the front. The back of the locket is plain. The locket opens from top to bottom not side to side. on the inside of the locket when opened has two rings and two plastic inserts to keep the pictures in place.

The rings and only the rings are hallmarked F.M.Co on one end and sterling on the other end of each ring. Other than the hallmarks mentioned there is no marks there are scratches on the locket front back and inside but I am guessing this is just from age and nothing more.

My question is what company made this piece what is this piece worth and how old is the piece and what is the purity of the silver if only the rings are hallmarked and is it just the rings that are silver or is the whole piece silver. (real)

I am guessing the whole piece is sterling because when I received the piece It was so tarnished I did not think it could be saved but to my surprise you could never tell it was even tarnished it looks brand new now except for the minor scratches on it.

I hope the pics help. I have more pictures I can email you if needed. The page only allowed me to attach one picture and it is of very poor quality, but it gives you the idea of what I am talking about. I do have better pictures and one picture of the locket opened. thank you

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