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Native Indian Jewelry?
by: Yvonne

Hi Lisa, what a gorgeous, blue-green viridian color of glass. Where ever did you find it? You didn't mention any jewelry marks, so I'm guessing there aren't any.

It could be handmade, ethnically inspired jewelry made by nomadic tribal dwellers, or old archaeological STYLE jewelry.

The round cabochon at centre front, from which hang the metal discs; ancient and very old jewelry used cabochon glass and stones because faceting had not been invented. Jewelers may get their inspiration from ancient styles.

Base metal round pendants embossed with birds appears on anglo saxon jewelry 7th century and currently displayed in the British Museum in London.

Coin silver was once the purity of .900 standard coins. They changed it because too many SILVERSMITHS were melting coin silver to make jewelry. The use of coin silver is a clue. Some see coin silver and immediately think - Native Indian Jewelry however SILVERSMITHS were using so much coin silver they had to change it.

Thank you for writing to us...

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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