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St. Christopher, Concorde & 25th July
by: Anonymous

Hi Shell thanks for writing in...what a memorable piece of jewelry.

When you consider St Christopher is the patron saint of travel, the modes of travel on this piece of jewelry is pretty much self explanatory. A St. Christopher is believed to keep the wearer safe when traveling.

Now sit back, here's how the legend started.... According to legend, St. Christopher was a Cannite and was huge (possibly 18 feet!), very ugly with an even uglier demeanor.

Apparently he had quite a remarkable conversion to christianity by way of a hermit, who told him how he could best serve his new found Christ and King. The hermit told St. Christopher that because of his huge size and great strength, he could assist travelers to cross a dangerous river nearby that they had to cross and this service he rendered would please his new found king. Consequently, he assisted many people to cross the river safely.

One evening, a child asked if he would help in crossing the river. St. Christopher hoisted the child upon his shoulders and started to cross. The river became turbulent and the child grew heavier with each step. St. Christopher struggled with great difficulty and said to the child "I do not think the whole world could be as heavy on my shoulders as you" the child replied "you had on your shoulders not only the world but also him who made it. I am Christ your king."

St. Christopher's Memorial day is 25th July.

But the most interesting part concerns the concorde that you mention appears on the reverse of the St. Christopher. The "Concorde" is a supersonic jet and its history begins in 1956. However being a government initiative, commercial flights only began in 1976. An excellent safety record preceded the crash of Air France F-BTSC on JULY 25th, 2000. Now that's something to nacre about!

best wishes,

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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