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is 935 on an item gold or silver ? if anyone knows , thanks
by: Anonymous

is 935 mark on a ring ..silver or gold
if anyone knows

Another Question
by: Lynn

All Though we found this bracelet buried under our house I wouldn't know how to tell if if is antique or not ?I just know when the house was built (1916)
and I Know that other people have either owned and or have rented this house before we purchased it 5 months ago and so I would have no clue if maybe someone had just lost it through recent years or so.
Is there anyway that someone can help me to indenitify whether if this is a antique bracelet just by looking at it under a microscope?

Re:Hallmarks on a Bracelet 935 k
by: Lynn

I believe that the blue stones could be saffires? They are a rich dark blue color and I do believe that the tiny stones could be tiny diamonds, I am trying to locate someone local to my area to help me identify the bracelet and whatever information that i can get about it. If I find out anything I will let you know
It is a stunning bracelet.


High Karat Gold Bracelet
by: Anonymous

Hi Lynne I'm assuming the metal is 935k. Although in your post you state that you can see no jewelry marks, the title of your post is "Hallmarks on a Bracelet 935 k".

The designation "k" means the bracelet was either made in United States or was made under export for United States. The percentage of other marks determine the "karat" of the gold.

18k gold is made up of 750 parts of gold and 250 parts of other metals. 935k is VERY HIGH Carat gold when you consider that 22k or 916 is made up of 916 parts gold and only 84 parts other metal.

The point is, 935k has only 65 parts other metal. The higher the carat the softer the gold. It is in remarkable condition, being buried under the house for so long. Or maybe that's why it's in such good condition. After-all the earth is the original home of the gold and the gemstones, IF the stones are genuine that is

You can find more information about gold facts here.

Are the stone genuine natural diamonds and sapphires?
Why would anyone set fake stones in high karat gold piece like this?

Well, either it's a truly stunning bracelet set with natural sapphires and genuine diamonds OR the high gold karat is smoke and mirrors causing you to THINK the stones are genuine.

Have the stones tested by your local jeweler.

Thanks for writing in...

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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