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Information & Resources on Pewter Hallmarks
by: Anonymous

Hi thanks for writing in and what an interesting question.

There's just something about pewter. W. S. Gilbert expressed it perfectly and way back in 1889!- "The end is easily foretold, when every blessed thing you hold, is made of silver or of gold, you long for simple pewter"

Pewter Collectors can specialise in many areas, perhaps an area or town of production, a pewterer/ maker by name, or a type of pewter product. It is possible to collect Pewter made from particular locations, apart from those above there are nice collections of pewter from Bristol, South West England such as Devon, Bewdley (Gloucester region), Birmingham, Norfolk and South East England, Penrith, Newcastle, Gateshead Tyne and Wear.

Pub Pewter is collected with names of Public Houses and other engraving for owners and users. Also beakers, and all manner of Mug or Tankard styles. Measures were especially used to prove licensee's mugs capacity are found, some with brass or pewter heavy topped rims.

There have been fake and misleading pseudo hallmarks on pewter. See Hallmarks by Jan Gadd.

There's a reference list, pewter collectors or those interested in collecting pewter would find useful, which appears at the end of Gadd's article. (above link, p.8)

An informative website on just about everything "Pewter" can be found in the Jewelry Resources under the link titled - "PEWTERBANK".

There are experts in this particular field who can appraise this item. Please see Expert Valuations.

best wishes,

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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