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Come And Meet Each Other - Talking Cameo
by: Anonymous

Hi Rachel

The world of cameo carving is huge and
not only is knowledge of the subject matter,
required but also factors such as the age and condition of the cameo must be understood. Is your cameo an antique cameo?

The size of the cameo is another factor.
Cameo is a hand carving in which the
surrounding surface of a design is cut away, leaving
the design in relief, so very small designs
under 1 cm are rare.

Maybe the most important aspect in
cameo making is the art of the carver. The
ladies head and shoulders in profile,
Is the most common design.

The market place is full of synthetic
Cameo, this type of cameo are not made from natural organic material or hard stone
but from composite material and
some are very convincing.

It's important to be aware that
In the 1960s there was a short Victorian
revival and plastic and resin cameos as well as
engraved and antiqued metalwork were

Kind Regards,
Antique Jewelry Investor

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