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For sale?
by: Anonymous

what is the setting called for this ring? Is it for sale?

price per carat
by: Pearl Sarkar

Natural Pearls has price but it is not like gold that every one get same price. - it is like tea ; i.e. tea sold at 5star hotel has different price than same tea sold at street stall.

At moment jewellers are selling natural pearls from 200 US$ to 10000 US$ per carat. One most important thing is that now you can not get real price of pearls with out Lab certificate.

One can test their pearl At GIA for USA and Bahrain Lab for GULF country and In HIRCO for India.

Research on Pearl Diving in Qatar
by: Anonymous

Thank you for responding to my question, it was a GREAT help. If you would still like to publish my interviews on your site, I would like to direct you to my blog- it has visual and compositional accounts of each interview; and the most recent post is an entire synopsis of my research.

Let me know if there is anything in particular that you would like to put on your site.

Formula to Price Natural Pearls based on CHOW
by: Anonymous

Hi Olivia thank you for your question. Now I have a pearl question for you :-) is the photo of the pearl in this pearl ring a persian gulf pearl?

One of the most important things of course, with NATURAL Pearls, because they are so rare and expensive is a guarantee that the pearls are NATURAL PEARLS.

Many things come into play when determining the value of a natural pearl. Shape, color, luster etc. But the platform will be weight. Just like for gemstones, the carat or weight is one of the most important criteria. So it is with pearls, especially NATURAL pearls, as the weight of the pearls is all NACRE as there has been no bead implanted, like there is in cultured pearls.

So with this in mind you will need to work out the weight of the pearl for pricing purposes. Here is a formula that Dr Tom Stern, a world authority on Persian gulf pearls, uses, it is based on chow (weight) .

Chow: carat weight x carat weight x 0.6518,

Example for a 4 carat pearl 4 x 4= 16, x 0.6518 = 10.428 chow.

The international price per chow depends on many factors, but $100 per chow is ok for starters.

Here are some links with more information:

Natural Pearls of all Shapes and Sizes

Information about Persian Gulf Pearls

Generic Information on Natural Pearls


A must Read Thread about WEIGHING PERSIAN GULF PEARLS & Consumer Protection

BTW we would love to publicize your interview with the pearl divers in the Persian Gulf on Antique Jewelry Investor. Contact Me Here.

best regards,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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