Mens Bronze Signet Ring -Chinese?

by Viv
(Kent England)

Arrows and stars are shown

Arrows and stars are shown

Arrows and stars are shown
Eagle has plume above head.
The ring shows red colour so could be bronze and other metal maybe
Lion has crown/Sheild has horned creature or scarab


I am in possession of what looks like a mans bronze signet ring that was dug up by workmen doing a pond over 15 years ago. I have attached photos.

It has no join, no hallmarks etc. I have emails from the British Museum who felt (on viewing the photos) it may be Chinese. The person dealing with the Chinese artifacts eventually emailed (again based on the photos alone) that it did not look Chinese but could be European. The Heraldry Society emailed and said it WAS NOT a heraldry ring but could be something to do with the Military.

An online valuation place (about 7 years ago) said it could be 1666 Civil War. I am at a loss in what direction to go in. When you look at the side with the lion with its paws on the shield it looks like some kind of scarab beetle to me and the other side could be an ibis?

I have never cleaned it up, it is exactly as it was when it was found.
Can you shed any light on it, please?

Thank you


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