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Mom's Pearl Necklace Appraisal
by: Anonymous

Hi Carla!

Let's hope you get better soon. Yes, it seems the cancer business is well and thriving, there are natural alternatives to traditional cancer treatments, just saying...

If you are in any doubt concerning the value of the jewelry, get it appraised. If you do not have an appraisal certificate for your jewelry, you are vulnerable. And because this jewelry means so much to you, it's worth the appraisal. People are HAPPY to pay for good jewelry they can trust.

You will need to get the jewelry photographed for appraisal
purposes. Things to consider for appraisal purposes:

***Carla, first-up it's not overwhelming, really, break it down, just go through each piece, piece meal :-) it's easy that way.

Let's start with the Pearl necklace stand. If you can manage to get some images of the pearl necklace, and because this is a special case, Antique Jewelry Investor will take are of this pearl appraisal for you, Carla. Just fill in the jewelry appraisal form Carla, I will deactivate the pay-pal Request for payment for this appraisal.

1. Pearl Necklace

The CLASP! Is it marked? Are pearls knotted? Are pearls in a box? OK. you've already worked out the length of pearls is 18 inches. How many pearls in the strand? What is the size of the pearls. Are they in good condition? The color, shape, are they round for instance? White size are they?

The size and the different shapes of Pearls can be found HERE

Let's move to the jade earrings, after we get your Mom's pearls appraised.

Best Wishes & Lots of Hugs

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