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More Information and Photo
by: AJI Support

You will need to send in a photo of your pin, one photo close-up,, one photo of the reverse plus as much detail as you can in your description. You will have to inspect the pin, examine the material, the stones, the type of closure and take measurements.

Happy Hunting!

Antique Jewelry Investor Support Team

Not sure who the maker was of my Blue Cat Brooch
by: Anonymous

My grandmother passed down a large-stoned blue cat brooch
To me when I was a teenager. Could you tell me anything about it or any of the pins she gave me?

Cartier's Great Cats
by: Anonymous

Hi Lizzi not sure what you're exactly asking but this info might help...

Cartier's "GREAT CATS" were first commissioned by the Duke of Windsor for the love of Wallis Simpson.
A particularly meaningful and deeply personal symbol, for the King of England who abdicated the throne, for the love of Wallis Simpson. -

Interestingly, in reference to the BIG cats Jewelry and King Edward VIII, the London town mark since 1478 has been and still is today, the LEOPARD'S Head.

Since the late 19th century the big cats jewelry has been a world-wide emblem for the femme-fatale.

It was in fact, Verdura's idea, to create the first of the six spectacular Big Cat jewels from CARTIER. There's a great article about the Jewelry designer - Verdura you can read here.

The first Panther jewel, was a three dimensional golden panther flecked with black enamel over a cabochon emerald of 11.74 carats. (Becker, V., Antique and Twentieth Century Jewellery, N.A.G. Press, 1987)


Best Regards
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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