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by: Anonymous

Its a pin / badge which was given for supporting Franklin Delano Roosevelt Social Security Act
That is not a Sunday School reward...
Social Security was a totally new idea back then and it would be all about the rewards you would receive for being a United States citizen..MANY REWARDS
Please read about the History of Social Security
The Act was signed by Franklin D Roosevelt in 1935

Exonumia Links and Info
by: Anonymous

Hi Dawn - that sounds like an interesting badge! Collecting vintage medals and coins is called exonumia and is a fascinating and interesting hobby.

Exonumia are numismatic items (such as tokens, medals, or scrip) other than coins and paper money. This includes Good For tokens, badges, counterstamped coins, elongated coins, encased coins, souvenir medallions, tags, wooden nickels and other similar items.

You can find more info about Exonumia here:

The marking on this badge provided crucial clues - "S.S. Reward 1933". Sunday School Reward and date awarded - 1933.

The leaf is important. I am leaning towards - IVY.

What I found noteworthy was the correlation of Ivy and the year 1933:

the eight universities known as Ivy League schools are: Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Pennsylvania, Princeton, and Yale. The idea dates back to October 1933 when Stanley Woodward, a sports writer for the New York Herald Tribune, used the phrase "ivy colleges" to describe these schools, which had common athletic programs. Although the term Ivy League has nothing to do with the ivy-covered walls of the prestigious schools to which it refers.

Ivy has been a symbol of eternal life in the pagan world and represents new promise and eternal life in the Christian world. Ivy is more of an English Christmas green than an American one.

best wishes & happy collecting!

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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