21 Jewels Swiss Made 14K Ladies Cortebert Watch

by Traci

I have been searching on the internet for this watch and have yet to come up with one. I don't know if it was more unusual to have a 21 Jewels vs 17 Jewels watch, but through my research there seems to be an great abundance more of 17 Jewels Watches.

This was my Nana's watch. She was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and like many of the upper class London was their playground that they traveled to and fro from. She had a lot of magnificent jewelry that was all appraised. I don't expect this watch's value to be very much, but I would like to at least see one other to compare.
I have identified all of the markings on the watch. Pictures show the watch itself and its markings, but below I will list the markings and what each means.
If anyone can help me find this watch I would really appreciate it.
Front of Watch Face
21 Jewels
Swiss Made

Back of Watch Face

On the inside of the watch band
Kreisler-company that made the watch band
1-20-10KGF-10K Golf Filled (the top of the wrist band)
BTM- Bottom Stainless (the underside of the wristband is stainless steel.

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