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Coral Beads all over the Restaurant Floor!
by: Anonymous

I've been looking for coral jewelry on the internet and stumbled across your coral necklace.

Your necklace is lovely, it reminds me of a coral necklace that I sold on behalf of a friend. The only problem was, much to my embarrassment, one of the coral strands came away from the end clasp and these tiny coral beads were flung from one end of the restaurant floor to the other:-( It was her birthday too apparently and I don't think she or me will ever forget it.

Moral of the story, if it is vintage or and antique necklace contianing tiny seed beeds like these, take very special care when wearing it.

Coral Reefs & Coral Jewelry
by: Anonymous

Hi Anne thanks for writing in with your favorite jewelry story.

The necklace does indeed look bedouin. Also the round beads towards the end look the typical, silver alloy that's often used in the jewelry made by the bedouin desert dwellers and also home-studio artists in the asia-Pacific regions.

Coral comes in a variety of shades. It could be true coral as true coral is heavier than imitations.

Most coral reefs are protected these days. In 1975 the US department of Interior banned the taking of coral from the outer reefs of the Florida Keys as it was in immediate threat of destruction by souvenir hunters and commercial collectors.

Coral reefs throughout the world are currently facing significant pressures from global climate change. Involvement of local communities in planning, design, establishment and management of MPAs (Marine Protected Areas) should improve chances of success in the long term.

More Info on coral reefs can be found here.  

The necklace looks beautiful and no doubt will appreciate in value as coral becomes more scarce, which is quite sad. Store it carefully, as i imagine it would be quite difficult to restring.

best wishes,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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