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Researching British Hallmarks
by: Anonymous

Hi Elaine!

C.L&S CHARLES LYSTER & SON (Birmingham, UK) ca 1890 - 1920s. (In an oval)

The anchor is the Birmingham Assay Office symbol

A castle is the Edinburgh Assay Office.

The little symbol you quite can't see is telling. It happens, marks slowly wear away over time, like my eyesight unfortunately :). Examine the marks under jewelry loupe in good strong light. Information on How to Use a Jewelers Loupe can be Found Here.

The "e" letter is the date letter. You can research this and compare the date letters with your "e" mark, by clicking on the links (try Birmingham & Edinburgh Date Letter) in Researching British Hallmarks.

Best Wishes,


by: Elaine

Having read your comments, I too have a gold ring stamped with C.L&S It also looks to have a crown, 375, another picture I can't see very well, maybe a castle? and the letter I think is an e (I thought at first it was an 8 so that sort of shape

Hope you can help


It Could be Charles Lyster & Son
by: Anonymous

Hi Emma

The anchor is the symbol for the Birmingham assay office. Is there a dot between the C and the L? If yes, the maker could be:

CL&S CHARLES LYSTER & SON (Birmingham, UK) ca 1890 - 1920s.

If you would like to know the exact year, the sloping N letter will tell you the exact year. This letter is the date letter.

You can find the information yourself by clicking in the link 'Birmingham Date Letters: 1773 - 1924 & Maker's Marks' on Researching British Hallmarks

Happy Hunting!


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