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The little guys & alexandrite gemstone
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately, the major labs have us believing that we require them to have their hands on our gemstones including Alexandrite or else we are doomed to failure. The major labs make just as many mistakes (and probably far more than we hear about) than any of us little guys out here on the street. Example: Identification of Synthetic Alexandrite.

Hardness of Alexandrite Gemstone
by: Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

Hi Brook

That's a good question as gemological data can vary with the color-change form of alexandrite gemstone.

Non-color change forms of alexandrite have a hardness of 8.5.

Color change is one of the most interesting features of some gemstones and Alexandrite is the most famous color change gemstone of them all.

This gemstone is a rich red in incandescent light but when viewed in natural daylight, will appear rich in color at the blue end of the color spectrum.

The finest specimens are found in old Russian Antique Jewelry however it is very rare and virtually impossible to find in today's marketplace.

As with all gemstones, size, clarity and color affect the final price but with alexandrite there are two other factors to consider:

  • the completeness of the color change
  • the saturation of each color

  • Thanks again for your question and we are all anxious to know -are you lucky enough to have an alexandrite or a piece of jewelry containing alexandrite gemstone?

    Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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