Antique Cameo with Picture on Reverse

by Jennifer



Hello, I obtained this cameo at an estate sale. There are NO marks but it appears to be gold. Tested by reputable jeweler who said it is gold, at least 14k but probably higher karat (acid tested once and i didn't want any damage done so we did not continue past 14k). Cameo I think is carved shell. On the back is a gold ring that i am unable to remove, similar to a stay ring on a locket. There is a photograph of a man, worn and faint under glass or plastic? (It is upside down in the picture, sorry.)

Very detailed and ornate. Last picture shows size next to a measuring tape. I LOVE this cameo and wear it often. Never seen one as detailed or interesting. Never seen one with a photo behind it. Would love to know anything about it, history, age, worth (should i appraise or insure it?), or ANY information. Thank you! Jenn

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