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Vintage Pearl Collars
by: Anonymous

Hi there Scot! This style of pearl bead collar was most popular in the 1930's through 50's. They were made specifically to wear on suit jackets, dresses and sweaters which had no collars.

These items, not only enhanced the garment by adding a collar but also added a jewellery aspect to it. Like killing two birds with one stone! In most cases these were pearl beads not pearls, and they were stitched on satin fabric and had a variety of closures.

Over the past 40 years of dealing in vintage jewellery and accessories I have bought and sold hundreds of these. They were made in many places, the U.S , England, France, Australia and Eastern Europe.

This style of beaded collar is not Victorian. They are actually mid 20th century, Still popular, they were made in very large numbers. They are now considered vintage. They were made in double rows right up to seven or eight depending on th size of the beads.

Some designers of the day made their suits etc with a detachable collar which gave the wearer the option . . I would strongly suggest you take this to a jeweller and have them checked but sadly, I fear, you will find out that they are not real pearls. Cheers.

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