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Replica Heirloom Ring
by: Yvonne

Beth, like Mandy, I have also lost a ring that was dear to me , so i also sympathize. Having a replacement ring made-up, is a good rejoinder, as Mandy also mentioned.

First prize is to find something similar, (by goggling, books, etc,) in order to authenticate, and convey the design to the jeweler, however, from your description, I have a feeling this ring is very unique, and it might be difficult to find even something similar on the internet. In this case you can describe the ring to the jeweler and let him to do the heavy-lifting ;-)

The red garnet and the shoulders you have described well, you will also need to know the size of the garnet. There are a number of different varieties of garnet, so one would also need to collaborate together on this detail.

If you require consultation, refer jeweler, expert in the area of antique reproductions, (he has previously restored original Carl Faberge works) please contact - happy to collaborate together on this project.

Best Wishes,
Yvonne hammouda-Eyre

Ring Reproduction
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry to hear about the losing of your ring. I too have lost family heirlooms and it's unfortunate, but I think it's a great idea to get a replica ring!

The best thing you could do is draw something up by memory. You can have custom made jewelry done by a jeweler & I would suggest explaining in detail what you want.

Another option would be to search the internet. It's unlikely your great grandmothers ring was a custom made piece, the internet is full of people selling jewelry, you may get lucky and be able to find a very similar ring by the same maker!

Amanda Mason
AJI Appraiser

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