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The Value of a Faux Mythological Antique Cameo
by: Anonymous

Hi Jacquelyn, thanks for writing in.

One of the most beautiful greek mythological scenes, (and one of my favorites) that appear on antique cameos is Aurora, the Roman goddess of dawn leading the sun god Apollo on his chariot at break-o-day, bringing-in daylight to the world.

There is an image of Aurora & Apollo depicted on an antique cameo as you've pointed out, on this website, on the page dedicated to Antique Cameos Here...

There are excellent composition antique cameos on the market but with practice they can be identified.

May I ask what makes you think your cameos are composite material? It sounds from your submission, that you have more than one. Each cameo carving is unique, if all the fine details are exactly the same, this is an indication they are indeed faux.

Yes, faux antique cameos are still worth something. Not every woman can afford an original aurora & apollo antique shell cameo and I'm sure would love to gaze upon, as women often do, good cameo likeness of antique cameo aurora & apollo. Disclosure is the important thing.

It's the same with natural pearls, Mikimoto made pearls affordable for us, everyday women; until 1921 when cultured pearls hit the UK market, pearls mainly existed only in a woman's dreams.

best wishes,

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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