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Tribal Jewelry, Pearls and Coral
by: Yvonne

the tribal look of the necklace is appealing, and I like the multi-strand of FW pearls at center front, a nice contrast.

Jo Anne are the red beads coral? True coral is much heavier than its coral imitations. The most prized colors are deep red and angel skin pink.

Since Roman times, coral was believed to possess special powers of protecting the wearer from danger. Much like turquoise in Ancient Egyptian Jewelry. Tribal jewelry often draws on amulets and stones charged with special meanings.

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

Modern Tribal Necklace
by: Caitlin

Hi Jo anne This piece is by a modern beader who may or may not be of NA heritage.

It does have a very tribal look, but it is not in the style of any tribe I am familiar with. Maybe a search on "Mound-builders, pearls".

You might be surprised o learn that NA The First Tribes of the Mississippi river basin were known as "Mound builders" tribes. They had absolutely millions of pearls in their mounds.

Most were destroyed by the high moisture and contact with the earth. I haven't looked at their jewelry much, but I know they made jewelry often with pearls.

Armchair Pearlologist

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