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Antique Black Jewelry | Height of Fashion
by: Yvonne

Good Morning!

you do need to know for certain, what the material is, never assume, as the value depends on the Material, the Age, Rarity factor, Condition and the Art of the Carver. Black glass, black onyx, Vulcanite and Jet look similar.

If your antique black jewelry happens to be made from Jet material which is fossilized wood, (all carved by hand), it will be worth approximately 3 times more in jewelry value. To tell if it is Jet, rub one of the facets of the bead, across the bottom of a piece of pottery. If it leaves a black mark, it is Jet.

Does the necklace feel heavy? Jet is extremely light weight and for this reason it was the perfect material for making necklaces, and enormous lockets that were popular in the 1860's and 70s.

For more information, please see the Video recording - Victorian Mourning Jewelry & Customs where examples of Jewelry made from French Jet (Glass), Whitby Jet & Vulcanite are discussed.

Warm Wishes,

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