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Cameo Antique
by: Keran

Probably just a coincidence Carol, but the profile of the lady, looks like the profile of young Queen Victoria that appears on the UK duty mark that was used from 1838 - 1890. BTW people were nutty about queen victoria in this era and lots of pieces of jewelry made in the Victorian era were affectionately worn to commemorate their adored queen. What a pleasure it must be to have this fine cameo in your collection.


Antique Silver Black Stone Cameo
by: Anonymous

Hi Carol

thanks for sending through the front and reverse photos of your cameo beauty. I moved them both to your original post here. Even the reverse of the cameo is beautiful with its age patina. That's what is so appealing about collecting antique silver jewelry. Exquisite. Although I can't see the features clearly on the cameo, I'm leaning towards an antique cameo.

We do not do appraisals on this site but What Its Worth 2 You do online appraisals. They might be able to help with an appraisal.

Thanks for sharing!

best wishes,

double banded onyx
by: Anonymous

Hi Carol thank you for sending in the following cameo question:

"I have an old cameo that I took to an antique dealer who could not give me an appraisal, because he had never seen one like it. It is a black stone with ivory carving, but it is place in a solid pounded silver set with filigree surrounding it. Is it authentic being set in a solid back? How do I find someone that can give me a accurate appraisal"

Carol, Im not surprised the dealer was stumped. A black stone cameo, is not all that common, the most common is shell. What first comes to mind is Jet, but the black stone with an ivory carving might have been confusing, So I'm guessing, as I do not have the benefit of a photo, that this stone may be two layered onyx. Pure black onyx is common, and perhaps the most famous variety, but not as common as onyx with banded colors. It has a long history of use for hardstone carvings and jewellery, but you do not see a lot of double banded onyx cameo jewelry. It is highly collectible.

Because this material is higher on the mohs scale of hardness, it will outlive a shell cameo and this hardness factor will add to its value.

The style, the artistic expression, the condition, the size, the setting, the age, all have to be factored into the overall value. (Many excellent cameo are set in silver).

Is there any chance of a photo of this cameo? I would love to see it and I am sure other cameo lovers around the world would also. You can upload a photo in a follow-up submission if you are able.

You can find more info on antique cameo Here.

best wishes

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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