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Blue Coro - Possibly Early 1940s vintage costume jewelry
by: Yvonne

Good Morning

thank you so much for writing in, and uploading an image. What a wonderful vintage costume jewelry find, I love the stylized turquoise blue leaves on your CORO necklace. This shade of blue, is always popular...

the company as you mentioned in your post, did have many signatures, one of the vintage costume jewelry marks, of the company, was simply the name CORO in script (there are many variations) New York, NY, US ca. 1913- 1943

I'm leaning towards an earlier date, possibly early 1940s, late 1930s... when the geometry of the ART DECO which dominated earlier in the History of Jewelry was superseded by stylized floral motifs, - a neo victorian nostalgia, surfaced during this time, awakened by the threat of another war..

Warm Wishes,


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