Bought 2 sterling rings, can't seem to find the marks online.

by Karen
(United States)

The first ring is a very delicate silver rose on a silver band. The top of the band is divided into two and the sides are each twisted like rope.

It's very dainty and the workmanship is very impressive to me. I don't know much about jewelry but this ring has sparked my desire for knowledge.

Anyway, the markings on the inside of the shanks: on one side it has the word STERLING in all capitals; on the other side a bell in a circle, GA just below it.

The second ring is a men's sterling and turquoise. The inside of the ring is textured but a square smooth area directly under the stone has markings. A copyright symbol (c inside a circle), below that a capital M conjoined with what I believe to be a capital J and the word STERLING below that.

My questions I guess are obvious. Who made them? How old are they? What are they worth? I know they can't be valued sight unseen. I guess what I am asking is a ball park? What would one expect something like that to be worth?

Our local jeweler charges a fairly steep amount to appraise, I would hate to pay for an appraisal to find that they aren't worth the cost of the appraisal.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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