Cameo Brooches and Bracelet

by Andrea
(Brittany, France)

I have inherited 2 cameo brooches and a bracelet. I cannot find any photos of these actual cameos. One brooche depicts a mother & child ( mary & baby jesus?).

it looks like the setting is either newer ( they were my aunts and she has been dead 15 years and was ill for a few years before that but I know she had them for many years before my Mum inherited them) or been cleaned up. The setting is gold- hallmarked - and has what look like pearls laid into the filligre.

The second brooche is the bust of a women with leaves in her hair and a leaf on her right shoulder. The setting is original but cannot see a hallmark. Both backgrounds are brown, the first paler than the 2nd one.

The bracelet also has either a new gold setting - hallmarked - or has been cleaned up. The busts of women are all the same and have a green background - there are five of them and all are facing the same way and are the same women.

Is there anywhere I can look to see photos of these cameos as I would like to know if they are valuable or not for insurance purposes

Thank you in advance.

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