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Sounds like a great pair of earring
by: Alexander Stromberg

I agree with Yvonne. It sounds like a great pair of earring with hard stone cameos. Would be nice to see a good picture and have a size in millimeters.

Los Angeles, California

by: Yvonne

Good Morning Candy

beauty, rarity and durability are the three key players that hold the reins of jewelry value. Your cameo earrings are Rare, we know that, as they don't make antique cameo earrings anymore.

If is is a hardstone dyed black agate cameo which i suspect, the cameo will be durable.

The agate is the same stone as the onyx with a difference only in the cut. If the stone is cut to show the layers of colors it's called agate. If the stone is cut parallel to the lines, it's called onyx.

Agate stone compared to other minerals, is hard on the Mohs Scale and makes a perfect material for cameo making of diuturnity. The minerals close grained texture makes it possible to carve the finest of details without splintering or shattering the stone.

Beauty as always, is subjective, and not easy to explain, with a cameo, the expressiveness of the subject, and the art of the carver all come in to play.

Smaller diamond gemstones, which surround the cameo have increased in value lately, this is due to a fashion trend in Asia for watches surrounded with small size diamonds. This fashion trend has increased the demand for smaller diamonds.

These heirloom cameo earrings, surrounded by diamonds are worthy of an expert appraisal.

Best Wishes,

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