Can you help me authenticate this Napoleonic Cameo

Here’s what I know- Purchased this cameo in 1980 at an Antique Show in New Hope, PA. Dealer represented it as Napoleonic and I felt there was a chance it was, because a lot of Napoleonic jewels and portraiture showed up in and around New Hope- as Napoleon’s brother, Joseph had fled to New Jersey in 1817 and settled in Bordentown, NJ where his estate became a hub for exiled French aristos. Most of them needed money and began to shed their treasurers. My research has led me to believe that this is a commemorative cameo representing Napoleon and Marie- Louise, at the birth of their son in 1811. In the Roman style, because their son, Napoleon-Francis titled from birth, “The King of Rome”, and in the right hand corner is a young eagle. Napoleon-Francis was nicknamed “The Eaglet”. In the left corner is Mercury- messenger of the Gods holding a caduceus- indicating to me an announcement, medical in nature. It is in a simple, unmarked white gold setting. This cameo was described in a book owned by my former husband who was an antique dealer. The book indicated a few of these were carved as gifts to ladies at court. Unfortunately the book is gone and long out of print. I have never been able to authenticate this piece, though I did not try very hard. I have always enjoyed wearing it. I think now may be the time to find out what it is really worth and was pleasantly surprised to find your site.

I would be appreciative of any guidance you could give me and thanks in advance.

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