Can you identify and date this ring?

by Kenneth
(Hollywood, Florida, USA)

Ring excavated from 1840-1850 settlement/fort site

Ring excavated from 1840-1850 settlement/fort site

I found this ring at a site which was occupied by settlers since 1840, and occupied by U.S. soldiers during the 1850's. In the general area of the ring, I recovered a woman's coat button w/ a backmark that dates the button from 1840-1850's. In addition, I found a few Artillery uniform buttons on the property--all lost by soldiers during 1850's. However, other items were found on the property, dating from Victorian period to current. I believe the ring might date back to pre-Civil War because of the rich patina. It has a patina similar to an 1838 dime I had found a few years earlier on adjacent property.

Can you i.d. the style (name) of ring and verify its age by the design? I want to conclude that it appears to be silver, with some trace evidence of copper or brass. It has a bit of gold plating on the top--which, most has been washed off by years of exposure in the ground, fertilizers, ect.
Thank You,
Kenneth Hughes

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