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Cartier Necklace - More Information Needed
by: Anonymous

Hi Liz

Cartier, the leading French jewelry firm, founded in 1847, originally made jewelry of enameled gold set with gemstones and attracted a prestigious clientele which included French royalty. The French have been the guiding star in jewelry design and originality. It brings to mind, The Napoleon Necklace, that was assembled in Paris by the firm Nitot and Son in 1811, before Cartier was founded.

Napolean Bonaparte presented the diamond necklace to his second wife, Marie-Louise of Austria, Empress of France as a gift to celebrate the birth of their son, Napolean Francois Joseph Charles, the King of Rome (later the Duke of Reichstadt) in 1811. The Napolean necklace is one of the most spectacular jewelry pieces of its period; an historic icon. I believe it is currently lodging in Smithsonian National Gem Collection.

Liz, is your necklace accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Cartier? More information about the necklace, the style, etc is needed to discuss further. We look forward to seeing a photo

Best Wishes,


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