Could it be worth something?

by Kaylan
(Warthen, Ga)

My fiance proposed to me with my grandmother's ring. So special! The ring has always been beautiful to me; still is. My mother had always told me that it would be mine one day. She ended up pawning it, though. I was so hurt and angry. Well, three years later my mother just happened to be in the same exact pawn shop. She asked the lady behind the counter to look up the ring for her. They still had it three years later!

They had put it into a box under the cabinet and had not put it out for display to be sold. We were so happy to get the ring back after all those years!! Anyway, the inscription on the inside says it is 14k. I know it is 14k white gold. I also know that it was given to my grandmother in the 70s sometime. I am just wondering if it is worth something. We took it to a jeweler to see if it was real, he did all sorts of tests.. and he said it was real. My question is: is there any way of knowing if it is worth something besides taking it somewhere? The closest place to get it appraised is an hour or two away from where I live!!

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