Cultural Heritage vs. Respect for the Dead

by Ruby
(Sunny California)

I believe at this point in time this idea is more sensitive because the Titanic was a relatively recent event, but in another generation it would be less questionable to raise such items.

I believe these items should be raised if possible, conserved and put on display to the public -- not sold into personal collections. It's part of our shared cultural history as a human society. I think if items recovered don't require severe damaging to the ship wreck site or disturbance of human remains, if these objects are found surround outer areas it makes it easier to feel it's ethical.

I do agree that milling around in a watery grave is a bit unethical, but if these items are recovered in a 'proper' way, through a international consensus it wouldn't be an issue. --- Do what it takes@! I want to see those Jewels and Rocks!! :D

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