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What Are The Cut of the Rhinestones in your Vintage Costume Jewelry?
by: Yvonne

Good Afternoon,
Thank you for writing in. I am curious to know what type of cut the stones are? Are they all the same cut/shape or a combination? i.e.square cut or round cut stones?
Round cut clear rhinestones with faceted edges that imitated a faceted gemstone like a diamond was a popular rhinestone shape.

Warm Regards,
Yvonne H. Eyre

Czechoslovakian Vintage Jewelry
by: Anonymous

Czechoslovakia has a rich history of glassmaking and glass making was not always limited to functional objects. By 1918 the Czechoslavakian glass industry began to use innovative and creative techniqniques in jewelry design. Rhinestones like the ones in your vintage necklace were man made gemstones made from highly refined glass. Several different types of settings were used for the rhinestones. Many were hand set with metal prongs, the metal prongs are bent over the top of the stone. It is important to examine the settings, to learn more about this style of jewelry. During WWII the use of pot metal was prohibited, and Sterling became the metal of necessity. So you can also get dating clues by examining the metal.

I hope this might help in understanding your vintage Czechoslavakian jewel.

Kind Regards,

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