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Indestructible Czechoslovakian Glass
by: Anonymous

What an Intriguing story and as fascinating as the History of Rhinestones in Czechoslovakia.

Czecholovakian glass also known as "Bohemian glass" originated Thousands of years ago in Czecholslvakia in the 13 th century. Yes, it's been around a long time. The country has a long history in glass making.

By 1918 the Czechoslovakian glass industry began using creative and very innovative techniques and incorporated them into jewelry designs. Thousands of people worked out of their homes as glass presses, grinders and cutters, making everything from vanity items, beads to Rhinestones. Originally the rhinestones was glass that was ground into a paste, molded and melted.

The original rhinestones were an opaque, dense glass with a frosted surface. Is the surface of your stone beads frosted by any chance? Maybe these are rhinestones in your necklace; early variety, when they first started the enterprise "experiementing" - making them for jewelry using a "sassy" creative technique. As thousands were making these beads and rhinestones from home, quality control wouldn't have been the tightest.

Hope this information might help in your quest
to identify the indestructible Czech bead.

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