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Possible link to explore on Julius Hougaard's silver stamp
by: Ian Hogarth

Julius Hougaard alias Hogarth did commission work for Flavelle who also had a store in Paris I believe.

Julius's master back in Denmark was Jorgen Dalhoff the Royal Master Goldsmith and Jeweller and also studied under Bertel Thorvaldsen at the Royal Academy of Arts and another famous Sculptor who finished a number of his commissions when he died in 1844.

As for the Silver hallmark, I haven't seen one for Julius in Australia although after Michelsen (who was apprenticed prior to Julius to Jorgen Dalhoff) was appointed to the position of Royal Jeweller around 1848 I believe Julius Hougaard opened his own shop up in Copenhagen and would have had his own Silver hallmark - which would be buried somewhere in the Archives in Copenhagen.

By the way I have found a piece of Silverwork that incorporated Julius's Engraving work prior to coming to Australia but I'm unsure if the following is stamped -

Peter Hjort Lorenzen's Drinking Horn from the party at Skamlingsbanken 1843. By the way, Part rests on a mussel, in which a Figure. Denmark, to Løver; The rear part rests on the Delphiner, which is controlled by a hornet riding cupid. At the Hornets Top Band Inscriptions: Peder Hjoi't Lorenzen MDCCCXLII. Including a shiny banner with Lorenzen's portrait and name: Posselt. Nis Lorenzen. P. Jensen and P. Nielsen; under this banner stands: He continued to speak Danish "and further down:" From recognized Danish citizens ".

On the outer tip is seen an owl, the Aarvaagen song's symbol, and on it is a victory goddess with Palmegren and Laurel crown.

The horn is, after Architect Winstrups Drawing, commissioned by Guldsmed C. J. Worm;

It is modeled by Medailleur Christensen and performed by Goldmember J. C. Bjerager and Ciseleur Julius Hougaard.

The drinking horn is at the Frederiksborg Museum and a picture in the link below,_religion_og_filosofi/Sprog/Dansk/dansk

by: Anonymous


Henry Flavelle - Tableware & Accessories, Dublin, Ireland - ca 1800 - 1830s

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