Do These Silver Hallmarks Have a French Connection?

by BA

I just recently started investigating these silver hallmarks and have been looking at hallmarks & maker marks late into numerous nights without much luck. could you please help me identify these marks?

I believe (hope) the " FLAVELLE " refers to Flavelle & Roberts of Australia, but the rest eludes me. Does the crown indicate a royal connection? Is the mark above and right of the crown possibly a boar's head? And if this is from 19th century Australian artists, dare I hope that the letters on the right rectangular mark could be for Julius Hogarth? (probably a date mark only)

In conclusion; if the answers to all these questions are yes, would it make sense that someone commissioned a piece of silver sculpture for presentation to a statesman or person of royalty in France around the 1850s or 60s?

I really appreciate, and give thanks for any assistance you might give.

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