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FC Co hallmark

I ave Sterling umbrella handle circa 1910 that has the FC Co hallmark. have seen it on several items (umbrella handles)but not sure what it stands for? Sure would like to know.

my F.C. & Co umbrella handle
by: Ada

I am also wondering about F.C. & Co.

I have an umbrella handle from my great aunt Pearl who lived mostly in San Francisco in the early 1900s. The Sterling silver ornately flowered handle has a box with "Sterling F.C & Co" It also has "Pat Apl'c for" and what looks like intertwined or overlapping capital NRW in a bracket with small flower-like emblems at each end of the bracket. I'm guessing she bought it around 1940 in San Francisco. Ada

by: BOB

I have an umbrella that has a hallmark of F C CO and is marked simply as gold. It also is engraved with the initials J S GODWIN 1908. The cover has been removed however everything else is in great shape. Does anyone have an idea of its value?


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Antique Parasol Handles
by: Anonymous

Hi Darrell

what an interesting antique brolly handle! You might like to try Getting Your Item Appraised Online

Some of the rolled gold parasol handles actually have "rolled gold" inconspicuously marked on the metal somewhere on the handle.

The better digital gold testers, available over the internet are able to determine if the metal is gold plated or solid gold.

I thought you might be interested in having a look at this delighful gold mounted nephrite jade parasol handle that was auctioned at Christies. It is 6.2 cm high, in a fitted wooden case, stamped Fabergé St Petersburg Moscow London.

Antique Parasol handles are not that common, however I have come across a beautiful antique mother of Pearl and Rolled Gold Parasol Handle in Tasmania Australia, that was from the turn of the late 19th century. The actual length of the handle can provide dating clues. Edwardian parasols were longer and so were the handles. An antique dealer I know had an antique Ivory parasol handle made into large magnifying glass to display on her desktop. It looks fascinating!

best wishes,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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FC mark on Metal
by: Anonymous

Have you tried FRANCIS CLARK (small pieces, Silver & Gold Manufacturer, Birmingham, UK) - ca 1820s - 1850s?

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