F C Co hallmarks on parasol or umbrella handle what do they mean?

by darrell thomas
(New London WI USA)


I have been researching this for many years. I have a gold and MOP parasol handle. It was first put into a classification known as gold filled because it tarnished brown. After polishing it it shines so beautifully. SO I began to look over it using a microscope.

I see some places where it has a few hallmarks. They are as follows. All are in a square box stamped deep into the metal. First is an "F" in a square, a "C" in a square and a "Co" with the o in little small case. So it looks like three little boxes in a row, with F C Co.

Slightly worn down, but not gone or discolored still gold in color. Now some have said it is gold but a low carat like 9K or 10K, others say rolled gold, gold filled, and gold over silver. There looks to be an area that may have had a hallmark but it is gone. There are no worn away areas to show that there is another metal under the gold color. I have seen gold filled items that the corners are brassy but the gold is rose in color. Under the scope I see hints of green gold in the hammered areas, rose gold and bright yellow gold, almost like black hills gold. So please if you could help I would love your help. I saw several other gold and gold filled handles with mother of pearl, BUT they are worn looking and none have marks like this one. I even e-mailed ones I have seen online and they say no marks like mine are on it.

So I have looked alot, bought many books, and alas no info on the hallmarks I have found. Oh the person I got it from was very reluctant to sell it, she felt as if she was selling something that felt and looked like gold. She said it tested 14K but the man at the pawn and gold buying store who did it said it was a fluke (done three times) and it was just rolled gold and he would throw it out for her? Wierd huh.

Thanks for your help,

Darrell Thomas

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