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A little extra information
by: Phil Hill

Thanks for your information Yvonne.

It prompted me to go back and try to open the top of the ring (again) - unfortunately I had no more luck this time. Is there a 'usual' method of opening the top?

One thing I did notice though, not only does the top enamelled portion rotate but the diamond & it's clasp in the middle rotate independently.

Thanks again for your help.



Unusual India Accessory Ring
by: Yvonne

Good Morning Phil

thank you for sending in an image. What an impressive ring Phil. It does have the look of antique India. With the raised over bezel, and heavily decorated hoop. The un-conventional "swivel" could indicate turn of the century. If there is a locket type cavity under the bezel, it would be classified as an accessory ring.

Enterprising jewelers at the turn of the century, developed remarkable rings that offered more than pure decoration. Rings with small cavities that a spy could use as a camera, as a kaleidoscope, a container for lethal pills and what might be important in this ring's story - the ring as a watch (the bezel opens to to reveal a watch dial).

Rings for all fingers including thumbs, are part of the tradition of wearing masses of jewelry in India that goes back, at least, five thousand years. It would be a special ring in India, because in contrast to the West, and with the vast amount of India rings, there are usually no special designs for love, novelties or memorial purposes. Rings in India, were mainly for decorative purposes, with and without gems, and religious style rings, were sold at places of pilgrimage.

What do you think visitors from incredible India? Please feel free to help Phil out, by posting your comments on this ring, in the box provided. (Press link at either bottom or top of this page)

Warm Wishes,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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